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Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are well. I have a question for you all. I am taking a skills assessment examination for employment at Montefiore medical center in the Bronx ER position . I was wondering if anyone took this exam? And if so, how did you study? I feel "skills assessment" is extremely vague and wanted to prepare for it. I appreciate any feedback! Thank you in advance 🙂 





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Nursing skills assessment for employment often include competency self assessment of skills commonly performed with nurse rating confident, need assistance, never performed skill.  Skills assessment testing often includes situational questions: how to perform physical examinations, how to navigate clinical information systems, show empathy with patients and their families, can one work effectively alone and as part of a team, assess symptoms and administer the appropriate medication for symptom, etc.

Search "Montefiore medical center NY hiring/employment test"  offers some advice.

Older AN  thread:

Relax prior to the test to clear your mind and decrease stress most important to not over analyze test questions.

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