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Hi! I am currently in a BSN program and have been compiling information on becoming a CRNA. I went into nursing knowing I wanted to do this. I have been on the AANA website many times. I know that I have to have at least one year of acute care nursing under my belt before I can apply to a NA program. I have read on here many times that the bigger the ICU the better. I want to work in the NICU. The question that I have is this..How do I knowif the hospitals ICU or NICU is big enough to make me a competitive canidate? I will most likely work at Uk Chandler medical center in Lexington Ky. Thank you in advance!


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If by NICU you mean neonatal, you need to verify with the NA programs that you'll be applying to that they accept that. Most (but there are exceptions) programs will only take adult experience. As far as the size of the unit, generally bigger is better. But more importantly than that is the type patient, not the number. The highest acuity is what most schools want. Try to find a good level I trauma center that is the areas main referral center. These are just some observations I had, it may not be the same in other parts of the country. Good luck!


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Thanks for your response NCgirl! I did mean Neonatal. I am from Charleston WV and want to move back there eventually so I will apply to CAMC's program. I have been on camcare's web site and i know what the minimum requirements are, but if any one is currently going there or has been accepted to CAMC's NA program I would love to hear what you think made you the best candidate!!! :) Thanks !!!!!


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call or email the programs your interested in, they will let you know what types of ICU's they like.

good luck


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Yes, call the schools and talk with the program director to see what they want. Often times the applicants have an average of 3-5 years experience in an ICU. So that's something to think about. I do know of a girl from a neonatal ICU in a CRNA program, so it can be done. It's all about the acuity of the particular unit and the way you present it in your interview.


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I believe NCgirl is correct about the acuity of the unit being of greater importance than the size of the unit. Any of the adult ICUs at UK would certainly be adequate since it is a Level I Trauma Center. I would check with CAMC and see if they accept NICU as the 1 year ICU requirement.

On another note, I graduated from the same program you're currently attending. If you ever have questions, please feel free to PM me.


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In response to your question about CAMC's program. I am accepted to start this May. I felt like they mostly concentrated on GPA and GRE. The interview was very relaxed and nothing to worry about.... some general questions that anyone who has worked critical care should know, and get-to-know you questions. I work in a large hospital in SICU, and have for about three years. I don't know how much that played into getting accepted.

you can pm me if you need more detail.


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Thank you everyone for your replies. Elenaster, I will definaltley take you up on your offer. Tommy the closer I get to graduation the more I'll need your insight. Also , good luck with your program!!:roll

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