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Single Mom Nursing School

by Williams26 Williams26 (New) New Student Pre-Student

I am a single mother who wants to pursue healthcare as a career especially nursing or physician assistant but I am so afraid because I am raising a son with Autism. Any advice for me? Currently planning on earning a medical assistant diploma while I put money aside to cover my expenses while in nursing school.

windsurfer8, BSN

Specializes in Psych/Military Nursing. Has 14 years experience.

When I got my BSN there were single mothers in the class. Anytime I wanted to complain I would think what they were going through and I shut my mouth. You can do it, but the only advice is to take a 'search & destroy" approach. It will be mental. I remember the day I received the letter I was accepted into the program. I knew that instant I had made it because I would not allow myself to fail. If you study ten hours a week and you screw up then you study 30 the next week. If that doesn't work you study 40 the next week. Things will go wrong. Do not quit. Do not allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself. If you get a C on a test...instead of giving in to that urge to say I am "not that smart" or I am "not cut out to be a nurse" say "OK..that approach was ineffective. I will study more. I will alter my study habits". I see so many people quit over one bad test or one bad clinical. Resist that urge. I have been a RN for many years. I have had crappy days. I have screwed up things. Quitting never enters my mind. Only to learn from and get better. You can do it.

Thank you for the encouragement. I never knew there were so many nontraditional students in a BSN Program. I am going to apply to my school's ADN program and work hard because I want something better for myself and my son.

windsurfer8, BSN

Specializes in Psych/Military Nursing. Has 14 years experience.

I have been a RN for fourteen years. It has been a wild ride, but worth it. And yes you will make a decent living. At this point my base pay is 80K and with OT I make between 105 to 115. I don't really push the OT hard, but some make more than me. I am not saying that is what you will make. I am single with no kids so I was able to pick a place with better pay and move. You will do great just take the pain now and then life gets better. Good luck.


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Please don’t let fear drive your decisions. I too have a child with autism, another one with ADHD. Went through an epic divorce, had two surgeries, two moves, two job changes, and a whole other batch of crazy with very little help. I still made it through school to get my BSN. You never know what you are capable of until you have to do it. It’s all about keeping your eye on the goal and persevering. If you can raise a child with autism, there is nothing you can’t do. Is school hard, yes! But, you can do hard. Anytime it got really hard, I told myself: if my son can have the courage to walk into a school, navigate his day, and find the courage to use his voice even when he is terrified, then I can do this too, and I can do this for him. ❤️