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Single mom nurse//opinions??


My biggest question right now:

Is home health a good place for a single mom?

My son will be four when I start, if that helps. I graduate in less than a year and am trying to figure out where I should apply, maybe even get a CNA job right now, that will provide the absolute best hours possible. I have a lot of support but will not when I graduate as I plan on moving an hour away from family (not my first choice but I have to, long story). Anyway, if you don't think home health is the answer, what do you feel may be a good option? Obviously school nursing would be great but I don't want to get my hopes up about finding a school nursing job right out of graduation; I know home health jobs are often looking for new grads.

Thank you in advance!!

Good day care is worth its weight in rubies. One advantage/disadvantage to a lot of home health jobs is that you can do your documentation on the laptop they give you after hours, i.e., after your kiddo has been picked up at daycare, mothered, fed, bathed, and put to bed. It makes for a long day but maybe it would work for you.


I was a school nurse and depending on your state, you will have to go back to school for another credential. If you don't want to do that, home health is good for a single mama. BUT, you may have a hard time getting out of it. Most employers want nurses to have at least a year of acute care experience. It's invaluable experience! If you can swing it, do it! The doors will open with just 1 year acute experience.

Good luck to you! It's hard but you can do it ❤️

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Good morning!!

From what I know of home health, it can be a great option, as long as you are mindful of finding a company with steady numbers. Not sure of where you live but some of the home health companies here don't get as much business as others.

I work in a wound care clinic, Monday-Friday, 8-430. I'm a single mom also, works great for us!! My daughter turned 4 a couple of months after I started my first nursing job, also a Monday-Friday job. We too live a bit over an hour from family. She's 6 now but goes to an afterschool program at the same place that she attended daycare when we first moved!!

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I wouldn't recommend HH to new grads. You are on your own & have no one to go to should you need help.