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Single Mom Back to School Need Help Choosing Path

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by 22dreams 22dreams (New) New Pre-Student

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Hi! I'm so glad I found this forum as I am totally overwhelmed by all the different options regarding nursing school degrees. I'm hoping people who have been in my shoes can share their opinions on what makes the most sense to do!

I am currently 25 and a single mom of a 1 year old. I have always loved learning and was an excellent student, but right out of highschool I completely screwed up my undergrad classes. I went to university and dropped out.. Then community college on and off for a few years.. Signed up and failed to withdraw a bunch of times. All in all, that transcript is a mess of about 30 random credits (no sciences) not for lack of intelligence, but simply because I was young and foolish.

I was immature and went through a super reckless stage. Luckily I came out the other side after some life changing happenings. I am now older and determined to become an RN and ultimately, a nurse practitioner. 

The big dream is to become a nurse practitioner working in neurology, acute care pediatrics, or psychiatry/mental health. Leaning most towards psych.

If you were me, where would you even begin?! Should I do an accelerated online liberal arts bachelor's and then do pre-requisites to apply to a direct entry MSN program such as the one at Columbia? Work as RN and then how would one become a nurse practitioner from there? Is it just a matter of clinical hours/experience and taking board exam? Or are there proper "NP programs" ? Would a program like this leave me no time to be "mom"? 

Should I finish associates at community college including pre reqs and try to apply to accelerated BSN program? I found 1 (Felician University in NJ) that is hybrid online/in-person, but we would still be on campus or clinical sites 4-5 days a week.. Sometimes 10+ hrs. 

Should I just go for a regular BSN program instead of accelerated?  What would I do after a BSN to become an NP? Are there BSN/MSN programs I should look into? 

Is it possible to do both pediatrics acute care AND PMHNP? How does one go about this?

My daughter does have some special needs and I value time with her, so that factors into my decision of balancing a school program with being there for her as much as I can. Time as well as cost are obviously important factors too!

I'm sorry if I seem ignorant, I just have seen various answers and degree options and want to set myself up to succeed.

I would love to hear how someone else has gone about a similar situation or would tackle this! 

Thank you so much xx




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NICU Guy has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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My advice is to go to a community college and get your pre-reqs done. Then either go to a community college for an ASN followed by an RN-BSN program or get your BSN following the completion of your pre-reqs. Since you do not have a bachelors degree, you do not qualify for an ABSN program.

You may feel like you need to rush through your education to get on with your life, but you can not afford to rush. If you were single and living with your parents, then you can afford to devote your life to finishing school quickly, but you have a child to support and you need time to spend with them. Getting your ASN and then working as an RN while getting your BSN will allow you to balance work, school, and home life more efficiently. In addition, getting experience as a nurse will help you determine the direction you want your career to go. Many students have a set goal of a specialty they want to pursue, but by the time the graduate, they have completely changed their specialty interests.

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Thank you! Makes a lot of sense. Appreciate your insight 🙂

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