Since we cant get nursing jobs...

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What other jobs can we get in the medical field. I cant go back to my assistant job. Every other medical job it seems I cant get hired because of the RN license. So what now? Can I go to EMT school or will I be denied for that too. Its not like EMTs have an easy time finding jobs either but I like medical and it seems my dream is practically over unless you already have an "in".

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Yes, you can take the EMT class, many nurses do so they can work in EMS. It is actually a good way to get patient contact experience. The job situation depends where you live. Many hospitals use the EMT as a prereq for ER tech jobs, that could get you in the door at a hospital as an employee. You could then also attend nursing CE. Once you get to know a few nurses, there's your in. Good luck.

One interviewer asked me if I had any ambulance experience, as she considers that health care experience.

Some labs may hire an RN.

I went months without a phone call and this sept I received 5 calls of interest, and a few emails. I decided on a weekend package with a facility that impressed me. I start there soon.

Don't give up hope, its feats or famine, at least it was for me. I was really starting to question my decision to be a nurse for a while there. Keep the apps flowing and be honest on them and at interviews.

I have a drug possession charge on my record from a while ago when I was 17. I was really wondering if this was keeping me from getting jobs. As I said, be honest and transparent, put in a good interview, and hope for the best. I know I am grateful to the place that hired me and am going to make them glad with their decision.

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