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Ok so after much debate in my head I decided I didn't want to risk my money and sanity with Excelisor.

Soo now I need to start gen eds, I can see there are alot of colleges that offer these online, I'm just wondering if they are all transferable? Or does it depend on the school I choose to go to after I'm done? Also if anyone has any you'd recommend that'd be great also, thank you in advance! :)


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Aren't you going to have to do your nursing degree at a brick-and-mortar institution. You can't do that degree fully online. (can you??) If you do find one online, I'd be worried about accreditation.

Anyhow, you are most likely going to have to do your degree (2 or 4 year) at a local college. That being said, why don't you do your gen eds there. Then you know up front what they need, and you know it will be accepted since you completed it there. Most colleges have gen ed stuff online.


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I absolutely love to just go to a traditional school, buuut I'm a single working mother of a special needs child, I'm a little strapped for time, at all times lol. Just trying to see if there are any other options available. Thank you :)


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Most CC offer online versions of their most popular classes, and generally the nursing pre reqs are popular. You just need to speak with a nursing program advisor at your desired schools, and then enroll in the required classes online. You mention being strapped for time all the time, which is understandable in your situation. However, when you start nursing core, there are some Hybrid programs that offer online core classes, but you will still need to go to clinicals 1-2 times a week and lab once a week. Plus there will be a tremendous amount of homework and study time needed. I am not trying to deter you, just be prepared for the amount of work and time needed in clinical before you dedicate yourself to the pre reqs and program.

I ditto the above poster.

Whichever classes have a lab component (usually your sciences) those will need to be done in person, usually once a week. Your actual nursing classes can be done online as well, but labs/clinicals in person.