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Hello everyone!

I have followed this forum for quite some time and I've always found valuable answers when I've had questions pertaining to the profession. I took a sign-on bonus from my job. I'm not getting into the specifics of the contract or the reasons that I am leaving. What I want to know is how do these facilities typically recover their money? Do they take you to court or do they attach it to your credit as an unpaid debt?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

I will add that all the contract says is that they want the money back in full, within 7 days, in cash. 

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Sign on bonuses are usually paid in installments, so it may depend on the amount paid.

For example, over 30 years ago, the hospital where I worked as an LPN while getting my RN paid for my tuition. I signed a contract that I would be employed there for two years after I got my RN.

I left after about six months due to unfair working conditions as adjudicated upon and found valid by the IDES.

Sometime later, I received a letter from the hospital's attorneys stating that I was required to pay back the tuition reimbursement due to breach of contract.

I wrote the lawyers back and cited extenuating circumstances due to unfair working conditions and that I was not paying them back.

I heard nothing back from the attorneys, and believed the cost of filing a suit against me would reap meager results.

Good luck to you, nurse05567, and welcome to allnurses as a full fledge member.