Sign on Bonuses in SoCal Hospitals?



I'm starting the application/interview process and was wondering if there is a way to find out which hospitals offer sign on bonuses or tuition reimbursement (if any). Is there a website that lists them? Any advice on if my timing is good? I'm graduating mid May and plan on taking the NCLEX at the end of June. Thanks!


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Hospitals only offer sign on bonuses when they are desperate for nurses -- but the tables have turned, and nurses are desperate for jobs. Many new grads are not finding work right now, much less a job with a sign on bonus. Some units have a very high turnover rate, so maybe they are offering sign on bonuses for the hard -to -keep-filled positions. I've never heard of a website that lists hospitals that make such offers. Good luck!


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Hospitals will usually list info about sign-on bonuses and tuition reimbursements on their website. I dont know if you'll get too many offering sign-on bonuses in this economy but tuition reimbursements are offered more but you have to work for the hospital for a period of time to recieve that. I graduate in May as well and most of my class started looking in Dec 2008. But its a mixed situation because some who started looking early may or may not have jobs and those who started later on may or may not have jobs. Just be persistent and never give up! Good luck!

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