you mean hospitals here in the metro doesn't care anymore who they will hire as long as the applicants have backers?? even those who have high board ratings won't even be bothered to be interviewed? sigh.....

how come the government is complaining that there's a shortage of nurses here in the philippines because of so many nurses leaving to work abroad when in fact, most of the nurses here can't land a job unless you have backers?? how about those graduating students and worst, the upcoming new registered nurses who took the dec. 2007 board? pooling......

it's getting harder these days.... guess, the only thing that we can do is to pray hard, harder i mean, and have a patience as long as the great wall of china... and persevere! whew!

lord, hear our prayers.......

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i understand what you feel. but i want to clarify to you regarding this statement,

you mean hospitals here in the metro doesn't care anymore who they will hire as long as the applicants have backers??
. they care who will they hire and not to hire. they are very picky nowadays to hire new nurses because of sooooo many nurses to choose from. regarding the backer thing, yes you can get hire because of this but having one sometimes doesn't guarantee you to land a job except if your backer is one of the managers.

our government sees what they want to see. they already know deep in their heart the over production of nurses but refuse to look at it as a problem. you know, denial stage... its because of money my dear. the more there are new nursing school, the more they get money out of it. you know how it goes when it comes to politics. i really can't imagine what will happen to those dec. 2007 board passer, june and december 2008 passer, and june and december 2009 passer. i estimate it around 1 million new nurses at that time..... jobless!!! despite this, parents still encouraged their high school child to take up nursing after graduation. knowledge deficit...... and at that time if their children dont land a job in a hospitals, parents will blame the government. the media will give info about the current situation, already thousands of nurses unemployed.. no hospital to hire them... but..... the parents will still encourage their children!

sometimes, i dont know what should be done to stop this people from doing this...


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afaik today, the gov't is not the one harping about the shortage of nurses. it's the numerous associations and hospitals that do.

look, one hand washes the other. those backers will in time reciprocate the favor they ask, supporting the institution that he/she asked on the sly.

hospitals nowadays have tight budgets and they have gotten some high scorers these past years. now they are focusing on getting resources to support the wages of their professionals.

and looking at the amount involved in the recent scandals our country is in, the budget is even tighter...


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I was once A registered nurse of the philippines since 1993. I was graduated on april of 1992 and after the graduation after 3 weeks time I took my very first PRC board examination in manila and luckily I passed it right away and got 87%. Im one of the very first graduating nursing student of a newly opened school of Quezon city named Dr. Carlos Lanting College in Tandang Sora Quezon City. After I passed my board exam right away I apply for a job. Luckily speaking, eventhough I dont have the expirience to work as an Registered Nurse I got hired as medical registered nurse in Capitol Medical Center and there I got my first job expirience as a registered nurse for 6 months. Because of good work performance that I showed to them, they recommended me to work as emergency nurse and I really like it there because theres a lot more challenging to work there rather than in just comon nursing station that its like an everyday routine what we are doing in there. Thats why I dont have any choice to take the advance knowledge course to become a legally speaking and its in black and white that Im really become a Registered Emergency Nurse. My journey didnt stop there, after a year, because of my dedication to my work and field and showing them that I really care, not only for the sick patient but taking cafre of my position and special degree, they honored me as the first male registered nurse with a dedication to the profession. And beacause of that, its like they just give me a perfect opportunity to step up more in the field of nursing. I got hired in a goverment hospital that give me more challenge in Los Banos Laguna as Emergency Nurse and the head of the emergency section of the U.P. Los Banos Medical Hospital. Just for 3 years and 8 months working expirience that I achive in our beloved country they said that I was the first one that just for that length I already achived a lot and maybe the youngest male registered nurse to become a head nurse in emergency. That time I was really dedicated to my proffesion and I almost forgot my love life and when the time I realize that, I thought that I achive and gain a lot of things. Its almost become late to realized that I also loosing a lot of things of my life. As of now, Im strugling and I have no idea if I may lost my entire lovelife or it become too late. Until now, Im still trying to look for my soulmate to become my longlife companion. Im in Canada right now for 12 years but my luck seems got lost here. Im still single living alone in a snowy country and hoping to find my true life companion for my entire whole life.

Posting my learning expirience on becoming a registered nurse, I was hoping that maybe I can find my lost soulmate companion hopefully I can find her as soon as possible


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The situation here in the philippines for fresh nle passers sucks!!!

I couldn't blame some of my friends who applied for call center jobs coz even if they wanted to gain exp from hospitals, it's so hard get hired... as for me, I'm just reviewing for my nclex after i pass that's when I'm gonna apply...

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PLease dont use SMS here winterfairy, same as with other members. Its just not pleasing to read... Anyway....

The June 2007 passer had a hard time applying, what more when the December 2007 will add up to the pile of applicants... Oh my! 28,000 plus passed the board and I'm wondering where they'll work!

You know winterfaily, what your doing is right... reviewing for NCLEX.... but.... if you apply after you pass the NCLEX, there are already lots of applicants ahead of you. From June to December 2007. What if while reviewing, you send resume' to hospitals. You'll just going to send it.. From what is written in other threads, it took them about 1-3 months before contacted for an interview or the exam. Why not do both at the same time? We can't guarantee that the HR will call you after a week or 2, but it takes months! YOur reviewing for NCLEX while waiting for the call of the HR. SOunds good right?

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