Shriners Hospital for children

U.S.A. Missouri


i am a nursing student at sccc in my 3rd year (2yrs prereq, starting nursing) and i hope to get my bsn soon after my asn. i originally wanted to be a nurse after i was nearly fatally wounded (crushed, to be precise) in an atv accident when i was 15. i was helicoptered to childrens and recieved nothing but terrible nursing care. the doctors were rude, the nurses were rude, and they all treated me very poorly. i was 15, bleeding internally, had tubes running out of every part of my body, cracked ribs, my leg was completely smashed, my skull was cracked, and these women ranged from bored to snooty to down right nasty. i had three surgeries and discovered that i had reached my insurance cap. i was told i would never walk again. that most likely my poor crushed leg would be amputated and then the nurse asked me if i thought i'd need juice or "if i could live with water" to take my (7,000th) pill. i cried for a whole day. you're probably thinking i am insane for wanting to be a nurse.

my parents were broke and the insurance was kaput. i still would need 2 surgeries and major therapy before i could walk, if i could ever walk. that was when my parents were contacted by a social worker and i was sent to shriners hospital for children.

i had my two surgeries and all my physical therapy there. the first night i was there, one of the nurses came in, her name was debbie, and she asked me if i needed anything at all or if i wanted to talk. i broke down crying. i had never been hurt before in my life and all the other nurses had been so crass and mean to me. and here was this woman, just seeing if i needed someone to talk to. i decided when i left there that i needed to be a nurse to help people feel like debbie made me feel, like someone on the staff cared what happened to me and how i felt. that was just the start of the terrific nursing care i would recieve while i was there. not to mention the physical therapists! wonderful.

the reason i posted this (longwinded i know) is to perhaps find debbie and i know thats a long shot. or even better, find out if anyone works for shriners and if it would possible for me to work there when i graduate. do they hire new grads? is employment competitive? i haven't heard anything about shriners on here, but i have to assume that someone must work there, or know something that could help me. i have another whole year to look into it, but everyone seems pretty knowledgable here, so i figured it couldn't hurt to try.

I love your story, not that you were hurt or the horrible exp, but all that you took from that and the message. Please tell me, did you go work at Shriners? Are you currently there? I need an update.

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