Shout out to the LTC nurses and aides who cared for my mom

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My mom recently passed and had spent since March of 2019 in a fabulous LTC facility. She had a small stroke in 2017 and managed for a while at home but needed 24 hour care by 2019. We found a facility that was close to my siblings who lived in the same state. She went from needing a fair amount of assistance to REALLY full time with  no mobility. The week before she died, she was in the ER and needed to be cathed. The ER nurse remarked to my sister how pristine her skin was.

As a nurse, and a daughter, that spoke volumes to me. I have already sent Thank you letters to the facility  and to the individual floors she was on,  expressing my gratitude.

But I just want  give a big shout out to ALL of you in LTC.  It is hard, even harder after Covid, (which she NEVER got!!)

You all do amazing backbreaking and sometimes heartbreaking work.

It is noticed and appreciated!!

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