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Should a nurse wear an EMS/Paramedic tool pouch?

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That looks cute!!

Go for it, if u need quick access to those tools then why not wear the pouch?

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There are "nursing" tool pouches that I've seen that essentially do the same thing. Those usually come with a belt. The EMS versions don't have a belt. EMS pants usually are worn with a belt and the EMS pouches are designed to be worn with that belt. You could get a simple web belt and attach your EMS pouch to it and that would work, or get some scrub pants that need a belt and just wear a belt and attach the pouch to the belt... if your facility allows you to wear such scrub pants.

I'm also a Paramedic and when I work in that role, I actually normally don't use one of those. I usually use one of these: Hawkepaks.com, Inc. for EMS, PPE supplies

Yes, the EMS "waist" packs are nowhere close to fashionable, but I generally setup mine with things that I would need to have immediately at hand, should I need something right away. I also normally don't wear them all the time, just when I'd be going out on a call. If you're just looking to have a couple of items close at hand, you might actually want to take a look at some clip-on tool pouches at your local big-box hardware store. Some of those are designed to hold things like flashlights, keys, scissors or similar sized tools, relatively large folding knife, and so on. They're designed to be clipped on to a belt or jeans or something similar, so it might work for your application as well. Just go take a look and keep in mind the stuff you'd want to put into it before you actually buy it.

I wish you the best, and as long as it works for you, doesn't look too out of place, and your facility is ok with it, why not?


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Thanks guys! I'll check those out! :laugh:

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Something that I do is attach my shears to an extendable badge holder. That gets clipped onto my pants, and the shears go into the closest pocket. If they do fall out, they'll just dangle loose.

If you visit your local scrubs store, they should also have more pocket protector-type instrument organizers that can clip onto the waistband of your scrubs or slide into a pocket.