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Should I worry?

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I graduated in May 2015 (ADN), passed NCLEX in July 2015, and started working as an RN in an endoscopy suite in a local hospital. My hopes right out of school were to start on the floor for the experience but I've discussed my future with my boss and it looks like I may not get to move until Jan or Feb. I guess my question is should I be worried about not gaining the experience now from the floor even though I'm in a great paying job, with flexible hours albeit repetitive tasks and more focus on coordination of care? I'm getting a lot of IV practice...lol! Thank you!

If the pay is great and you enjoy the unit; perhaps, you shouldn't mess with what is quote on quote: "not broken". You are getting valuable nursing skills (i.e. patient/physician communication, IV sticks, pt coordination, etc). If you still enjoy the unit in Jan/Feb, I would probably stick with it! Unless, you are certain that you would be happier on the floor. However, there are numerous nursing possibilities and just because you are not on the floor does NOT mean you are wasting your nursing degree. Best of luck to you! :)

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So True ^^^^^^^.

Acute care, bedside nursing is only one option - among sooo many different types of jobs. I'm sure that there are many nurses who would change places with you in a heartbeat! Reasonable schedule & workload, decent pay... sounds great to me.


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