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Should I try nursing again or switch to another healthcare related career?


I originally thought it was nursing. I applied to my nursing program, got accepted, failed a class, retook it and passed, then I failed another and now I'm out the program. I'm passionate about helping people. I love the satisfaction in knowing I helped someone in any way, shape, or form. I love being around people and being in their presence. The healthcare field is amazing.. For some weird reason I just love being in hospitals doing work or really any other healthcare setting. A few friends recommended I should look into physical or occupational therapy. I researched both careers, especially OT because I never heard of that. I kind of wish I knew about OT before nursing. Let me know what y'all think. It's so hard for me to be hopeful about the future but at the same time I'm embracing this change and taking it as God directing my path. I would love to take another attempt in nursing, however I'm sure other nursing programs won't accept someone who previously failed out another nursing program. :( Currently I'm a sociology major, graduating this December. I'm only 22, GPA 3.48. I know I have my whole life ahead of me

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PT and OT both require an advanced degree. Are you willing to go to graduate school? If not, look at some of the other specialties out there...respiratory therapy. Xray technician. Sonogram technician. Surgical technician. There are a LOT of things you can do other than nursing. Even your current course of study in social work can put you in the hospital as a case manager.