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Should I try to get into lpn?


Hello , I am currently a 26 year old mother of 3 beautiful daughters. Some weeks back I decided I really wanted to go back to school and LPN cross my mind. I have done days if research and feel down because my only draw back is that I have a learning disability. I struggle with spelling and some reading. I told myself I could do it , but rwading and learning you have to get straight A's. I feel so useless at times because I just want to help other but I feel so limited by my learning disability. Anyway advice?


Has 1 years experience.

What aspects of reading do you struggle with? While spelling may not be a huge issue, or deal breaker, reading comprehension is very important. So, tell us a bit more about your reading struggles so we can help you more. What I mean is, do you struggle with decoding multi-syllable words, science terminology, complex syntax, morphology, text structure etc?