Should I Tell My Dream Hospital That I'm Pre-Nursing?


Tomorrow I have an interview at my dream hospital for a MA position in one of their outpatient clinics. My ultimate goal is to be a RN in their cancer institute one day. For right now though, I'm still finishing my pre-requisites and have yet to apply to the ADN program I want to attend (which will hopefully be in the Fall of 2012).

My question is this, should I mention my plans during the interview? This hospital is a world renowned, university affiliated teaching hospital, Magnet status, it very much encourages continuing education for it's employees, but I'm afraid they might not like MY plans considering my area of interest lies in another medical specialty than the area I'm interviewing for tomorrow, and that I may possibly temporarily quit to attend nursing school full time. The distance between my school of choice and this hospital is about 1.5 hrs apart, there's just no way I could keep working there during nursing school.

I want SO badly to get my foot in the door with this hospital!


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I wouldn't, for the reasons you've stated - I would just make the case for why you'll make a great medical assistant in that position. That's what they're really concerned with. If they ask about your future goals, then you could tell them you want to be an RN.