Should I take this route?


Hello everyone,

I am thinking of a second career and I am really interested in becoming a nurse. I have been on my current job for 17 years. The problem is that I have a BA, but my undergraduate GPA is low ( I was not the best student). I was told by many people that I should become a LPN and work my way to up to a BSN. I'm currently looking at LPN programs in NYC, but I am looking for weekend school because I have to work full time. The question is should I take this route? Is there any LPN weekend programs in NYC?


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It depends on what area of nursing you want to work in. Bed side in hospitals, an lpn probably won't get you there because they are being phased out(at least where I live). Now if you're looking at geriatric/elderly population, like a nursing home short term/skilled rehab then an lpn will suit you just fine. Also dr offices do lpns too. Hope this helps


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I does depend on what area of nursing you wish to pursue. I too started of in another profession for 13 years prior to my current LPN of 9 years in a hospital. They have not be phased out so to speak at my hospital the LPN, but continues to support us(LPNS) to return to school. One to further our education and development as a nurse. Two to allow us to move into better positions at the hospital(advance in pay), as they are no longer taking new nursing grads, and encouraging nurses without a BSN to return to school. The RN can not advance to a higher position without a BSN, unless your were there prior to these new guidelines. Three we are a Magnet Status hospital and the hospital wants to keep that status(looks good). So the answer to your question from my perspective, I would look into going for your RN, if they have night/weekend schools. If you know that's not going to work for you then by all means GET THAT LPN and stick with it until you are where you want to be. I am going back to get my RN this fall

I hope this helps you some, and good luck to you.


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I felt called to Nursing and left an amazing job in order to gain apprentice experience. The studies were so demanding that it made working full-time very difficult. I hope you have tuition assistance with your current employer. If it were me, I would not make a move until passing the board exam. Best wishes to you!