Should I take these pre-reqs or CLEP tests?



I'm applying to Nursing for next fall. I've gotten credit for some of the pre-requisites already, from a degree I have in nutrition. However, there are still a couple of classes that I need to take. I have to take one semester of English composition, Sociology, an arts/humanities elective, and A&P2. I'm thinking about taking a CLEP test for English, Sociology and Humanities, because I want to free up my schedule a bit next semester. The school I'm applying to does grant credit for CLEP tests. But I am wondering if it would be more useful to take the classes rather than the CLEP test? Has anyone taken these CLEP tests? How difficult are they, and did how did you prepare for them? I've heard that the English CLEP is the hardest. Would I be better off taking this in the classroom?

Thanks :)

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I'm surprised you didn't already have english comp, art and humanities requirement on your nutrition degree.. Check with your school to see how many hours they accept in CLEP transfers.. I'm not sure how easy it is to CLEP out of subjects you've never taken. (Though composition should be easy enough).