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Should I take this job???

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I'm a 49 y/o GPN. I've been offered a position at a small hospital on a 20 bed general med-surg unit. I've learned that the manager I interviewed with had a reputation as the manager from hell while at another hospital. Allegedly (according to a clinical instructor at my school) she expects perfection with a 10 patient load, then makes life miserable when the nurse can't get everything done. I imagine I'll be assigned 8 patients, which sounds like a lot to me. (There are three nurses per shift: 1 RN and 2 LPNs, with 1 tech.) I'm sure the RN/charge nurse will take a light load, and give the rest to the LPNs.

I'm familiar with this unit, as I did a clinical rotation there, I've been there as a private nurse with one of my regular patients (I'm a CNA for an agency), and family members have been patients there.

I'm concerned that, being my first hospital job, if things don't work out, this manager could trash my career. I was told that over the years, she has "ruined" the careers of HUNDREDS of nurses. This does not feel good to me. I really want this job (close to home, small unit, great pay and benefits), but I'm obviously worried. The orientation period is 4 weeks, and my probation is 90 days.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

MikeyJ, RN

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I think you have already answered your own question. :)

Go with what you think and with what your instincts are trying to tell you.

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