Should I take the HESI after A&P2 or A&P1?


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I was wondering whether I should take the HESI exam after taking A&P 1, in Feb or March, or wait until A&P 2, in summer 2018. Is the HESI passable if you've only taken the first A&P course? I've already taken Comp 1 and 2 and College Algebra, but I'll be taking Statistics this winter or next spring. I really want to go to nursing school in fall 2018, but if I wait until I take A&P 2, I won't be able to go until 2019. Also, I don't want to forget anything that I learn in A&P 1 before taking the test. Is A&P 2 necessary?

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To me it was basic anatomy that you will learn at A&P1 so I think you can take it. Make sure you take chemistry and microbiology or regular biology before you take the hesi. I have the study guide from amazon and a hesi app on my iPhone that has over 100 questions for each subject.

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I've never taken an A&P class, but I made an 80 on my hesi section. What really helped me was the official hesi study guide, crash course's anatomy and philosophy videos, and practice tests around the Internet.


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I was told that you have the advantage by taking A&P 1 and 2 before taking the HESI A2. I will take my HESI A2 next month. I already took both A&P's, and honestly, base on the practice tests that I've been taking, most of the questions are from A&P 2. A&P 1 is like the basic but very rigorous. However in A&P 2 it has more of the body systems. More details, but it was easier to me than part 1 of A&P.

In my honest opinion, it will help when you already took the A&P 2 before taking the HESI. But there are also other students that took the HESI before they took their A&P 2, and they fine. So, over-all, it's really up to you :)

What does your school required for your to complete before taking the HESI? My school requires us to complete the A&P 1, College Algebra, ENGL. 1101 Composition and Rhetoric, and PSYCH Introduction to Psychology.


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I haven't taken A&P 1 or 2, and I already took the HESI and received an 88% in that section. HOWEVER, I took an Intro to A&P class, which goes over all the systems, and you definitely need to know all the systems in order to be successful on the HESI. Thats just my opinion. I downloaded the Pocket Prep app for $14 for studying because the Elsevier Assessment Exam Review book doesn't cover enough A&P. If your school doesn't have a limit on how many times you can take the HESI, you could always take it as a practice, and if you don't pass, you can take it again after 60 days I think. BUT every school is different. Good Luck!