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Should I still try to get into an ADN program? Or go private school? (California)

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image.png.6ceadf48bd52e4d0536962015cdb9bd3.pngI’m 26 and have a degree in English (LOL don’t ask) I decided to go back to school for nursing. I’m currently doing my prerequisites at a CC, ideally I would like to get into a CC ADN program because my GPA has to be amazing for an ABSN program which its not, and I don’t want to pay 100k for a private school. I got a C in freshman English (I was young and didn’t take education seriously at that time) I’m currently in an anatomy class and doing well, but I had to take a W for the first attempt at anatomy last year, which counts as a retake, so that counts against me.

I went to my nursing counselor at my college, she said for their program they use the Chanceler’s formula, and we need at least 75 percent. She said I would have had a 75 percent IF I didn’t have a retake of anatomy, so that is a minus one against me and now made my score 73 percent, said since I got a C in English and I have so many units done already, even getting all A’s in my prereques and taking English again wouldn’t make my score go up that much. She said even if I have below the score cut off I can still take a medical terminology class and then be eligible to apply. But that’s just MY school that allows that, so for every other CC I would still have a 73 percent when a lot of ADN programs require minimum 75 or 80….(only 1 school I found that allows for 70 percent in California)

Has anyone been in my situation? Should I just bite the bullet and if all else fails go private school? I remember my friend years ago also went to my school and she was getting all C’s and complaining that she had to go to a private school because of her poor GPA, she since went to West coast university and is now a RN at some Keck USC hospital, we’re not friends anymore so sadly I cant ask her about it. I don’t want to go the lvn route also first since I think it’s a waste of time …


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Cruzzie Cardona specializes in CPT-1.

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I would say to go for it... I messed up when I first went to college as well and I had to retake English... all the schools I have talked to use the multi screening criteria and all are super different. My difference in points for all of them have been wild to say the least... I think there is a chance as some use lottery as well..

this is my first year applying and my plan is to apply to community colleges for two years and then go private if I absolutely have to.. I'm giving myself that two year time line for me because I know I have big things to pay for within 5 years.. I think its a personal vote what timeline you decide to go on you just have to sit down and think about it and talk to your support system.. Also what I have done and I have talked to other who pretty much are doing the same thing is to make yourself a radius and plan accordingly. mine is 2 hours that I'm willing to travel away from home/ commute for school doing that has added this year 3 more schools to those of which I applied (only cuz I missed deadlines) so probably an extra 3-4 more schools on top of those next year...

good luck I'm sure you will make the decision that is best for you. Also one more thing LOL how did you do in critical thinking English because some schools will also take a higher English in place of freshman so I would definitely do some research it is hard but you will get the hang of it.. if spreadsheets work for you or separate folders or some organization hack you will get it down dont worry..

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