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Should I stay or go?

by evamomo evamomo (New) New

Hello everyone.  I am asking advice on my current situation.  I am a nurse care coordinator at a primary care physician's office and have been there for 2 years now.  The volume is higher than any other office in the medical group.  My boss is also mean, condescending and two faced.  I have tried to resign once before, but was persuaded to stay.  She gave me false promises and never followed through on her word.  Now, I have another job offer that I accepted.  It would be for another doctor's office.  Not that high of a volume.  It's a well known company with lots of growth.  The benefits are great, there is tuition reimbursement, more vacation days and I would be wearing scrubs.  I would be taking a pay cut, but it would definitely pan out in the end.  I even negotiated my hours.  There isn't any remote work and I may be furloughed if a second wave hits.

My current boss asked me to stay.  She said she would try to reorganize the workflow of care coordination.  So I made a pro and cons list twice and I am leaning towards the new job.  I was just wondering if anyone could give me any feedback?  Or has anyone ever been in the same situation?

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You've already given the current employer a second chance and your pros/cons list is leaning the other way.