Should I retake the HESI?


Hey, everyone!

I took the HESI a few weeks ago and made an 85.60% overall: 94% in vocab & grammar, 84% in reading comprehension, 80% in math, and a 76% in anatomy & physiology. I'm not worried about vocab & grammar, but do you guys think I should retake the sections I made lower scores on (specifically math & anatomy). I'm applying for Georgia Southern's program and I feel like my scores aren't very competitive for the Statesboro campus.

Thanks in advance!


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If the HESI exam is what helps determined if you're going to be accepted into a nursing program or not, I would retake it. 85% is an average grade, but isn't competitive enough for nursing.

Best of luck

Find out the school rules; some schools will not allow retakes, or retakes within a certain timeframe.