Should I remove short term employment from my resume?


Hi there!

I'm currently in my second year of Practical Nursing, graduating in April, and just hoping for advice with my resume. In the "work history" section I have my current position as an HCA (Health Care Aide; I live in Canada so this might be known as a CNA elsewhere) which I've held for nearly 3 years. Before this, I worked as a special needs support worker with a family whose child had autism, for 1 year.

Between these two jobs I worked as a support worker (similar to job #2), but I only held this position for 3 months. I was just in the process of completing my schooling to become an HCA, had to quit job #2 for unrelated circumstances and just took this job as an in-between thing until I got a job as an HCA once I graduated.

Should I remove this short-term employment of only 3 months from my resume? Just not sure if it'll help or hurt my chances in any way...


Specializes in Rehab, Ortho-Spine, Med-Surg, & Psych. Has 5 years experience.

Three month's experience in a job is not really experience... I'd leave it out of my resume.