Should I leave bedside nursing??

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Hello fellow nurses, I am seeking wisdom and guidance! I have always been a person who is open to other's life experiences and journeys. It actually helps in making decisions about my life. So I've been a nurse for 16 years. I started out as a Paramedic for 3 years then got my RN in 2002. Completed my BSN in 2014. I have worked in the Emergency department, PACU, MRI nursing, STICU, have completed travel contracts in local hospitals, and am currently working in an outpatient clinic where we perform vascular procedures. After 19 years in the healthcare world, I am feeling a little bored, maybe burned out. Not really sure. Maybe midlife crisis?? Anyway, I had applied for a job as an Ambulatory Care Manager and was offered the job. Now I am not quite sure if I should accept it. I really wanted to get away from direct patient care but am fearful of getting bored. I am pretty sure I have ADD going on LOL! What should I do? Anyone with experience as a care manager who can offer a different perspective?

Next question.....I was accepted into a local college's Nurse Practitioner program which is geared to start in August. I am really struggling with whether this is the right program/decision for me. I would truly appreciate any and all advice, experience, guidance in this matter!!! Thank you in advance!

Undecided in Michigan!

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