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I am in my last semester of an accel. BSN program and I was also accepted for the master's portion. I can begin the masters (NP) as soon as a graduate. However, I've been reading a lot and talking to nurses and I've come to agree with the idea of needing experience before going on to be an NP. I was planning on taking at least a year off (because I can defer the acceptance), but then I realized I will only be under my dad's medical insurance for another year. Would it be worth it to go for the NP this year, and work at least part time as an RN while I'm doing that? Or do most of you strongly discourage starting the master's w/o experience??

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I think working as an RN first would give you a better idea of what type of NP you want to be.


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Yes, go straight through but work full-time and go to school part-time. By the time you graduate you will at least have a few years experience. You'll never regret getting your NP. If you defer, you may never go. Life sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans, so do it now and worry about everything else later.


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Thanks. I like to hear both sides. The commonality, though, is experience as an RN either way. Looks like as long as I do that, I should be okay.

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If you want to work as an RN first, make sure you check out the job market in your area before you make your decision about part time or full time school. People in my area have had a hard time getting an RN position (tons of cut backs, hiring freezes, etc), and are regretting their decision to decelerate school. You can plow through and get your NP, and still spend some time working as an RN afterwards, if you choose.

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You probably already know what you want to do

GO to school full time and work part time

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