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I've asked this question before, but I wanted to update. I am working toward a pre-nursing track at my school with the hopes of applying for a position in the nursing program in Spring '15. I haven't started any pre-reqs aside 2 gen chem classes. However, I got a C in those and I MAY have a C in my gen Bio class (It's not a pre-req so I have to take the other version).

My question is this: If I get A's and B's in my pre-reqs (Anatomy, Microbio, etc) and retake a course I failed to get my GPA up, is there a glimmer of hope I may get in? I plan to get my CNA this summer to help my application. Thanks.

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I can't answer that for you. I don't know what your program requires and what the other applicants grades are. The program at my school, that won't fly. You needed all A's to get into the RN program and a good Teas score. Being a CNA means nothing in my program. What kind of program are you looking at? What do they require? Is it a BSN or ADN? Do they look at cumulative GPA? Do you take the Hesi or Teas? Do they do an interview and/or essay? There is much that goes into it and I honestly can't even begin to advise you without knowing a little about the program.

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Here's the thing even if you do get in to a program do you feel like you'd be able to thrive in a program? The reason nursing schools have pre requisites is to ensure students accepted to the program have a solid knowledge of basic science concepts and can gauge how they will do in the nursing program. If I were you I'd retake my C's not even for my GPA but to have a solid foundation of knowledge for MUCH more difficult concepts.


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What has your school advisor told you?

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caliotter3 is right. Is your academic advisor a general advisor or one who works with the school of nursing? If you have a general academic advisor, I would encourage you to contact an advisor in the school of nursing. This person can look at your grades with you and provide suggestions on how to increase your chances to be accepted into the program. This person will have knowledge of what the cut off GPA was for the last entering class. I would not make a plan until after having met with the advisor. I would hate for you to make an investment into a plan that does not work.

Good luck to you.

What has your school advisor told you?