Should I even become a nurse?

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I decided to become a nurse and have been really excited about it and start nursing school in the spring. But I have been reading so many negative things about being a nurse from this website and many many others. Should I even become a nurse? It's something I think I really want to do, but reading all this just makes me depressed. Are there really so many unhappy nurses out there?

You really have to think long and hard about what your options might be other than nursing and also what area of nursing you would like to work.....there are so many choices in nursing that you really can change areas and still work as a nurse....good to keep yourself well-rounded and experienced in variety of areas instead of specializing yourself into one type of nursing (stay flexible). Also, keep yourself prepared for the unexpected and always be able to step into another job or have money back to rest awhile.


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Why do you want to become a nurse? Perhaps my response will make much more sense when you respond to my question. Keep in mind that no matter what field you go in to--MD, law, retail, engineering, restaurants, etc. you are going to find out that there are malcontents in all of them. For example MDs have the highest rates of divorce, drugs, alcoholism and suicide of the different career choices. Strangely, though, people still decide to get into this field without much consideration of such things. You just happen to be more sensitive to the problems of nursing because of this board where we air our dirty laundry. Perhaps you would be better served to turn the negative things you hear--about patients, giving meds, hospitals screwing their employees, etc.--as advice. Their mistakes, trials, tribulations might very well save you from running into the same problem down the road, which would, in the end, result in more satisfaction with your career choice. Also, take note that there are plenty of positive things people have to say about the field as well. Bottom line: do you want to allow someone else's opinion of their job stop you from doing what you want to do?

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Also remember, this a BB by nurses for nurses. It is used to cry on each others shoulders, get support and in general, be understood by others who've been there and done that. This site is a great resourse. So don't let posts put you off becoming a nurse, use them to become a better one.;)

So, if being a nurse is what you want to do, remember, we will be here for you too:)

Good Luck



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I am one of the Filipinos who took up nursing just recently..which is my second course. I finished it last year..but I am back to my dentistry now..(dentist). As I looked back to my books and uniforms and read all of what are wrtitten here..I sometimes have the feeling that I went to the wrong new career. I have wanted to be a nurse because we can be of service to many people in such a way that we donnot need to buy expensive equipments (burs, high speed motors, latest laser,latest pliers)just to help them..emotionally, spiritually and physically. I hope dentists out there wo'nt mind this..but is true. Well..what I see in this website is really real and nonesense "plastic" fake feelings..of which I really appreciate. This gives me an insight of what a nurse really is. Hope you guys out there..inspire us also..coz we truly wanted to be like you too.

To be prepared for the worst and never experiencing it at all is much better than facing the worst when you are unprepared.:rolleyes:

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