Should I call hospital back...twice?


I recently applied at my dream hospital as a CNA to work for the summer before graduating in the fall. I called once and they told me they had my information and that they'd get back to me if they were interested. I called when the job posting was still listed, and they just now took it down a couple days ago.

I get it, I get it--they already gave me an answer. Here's my thinking though: they said they get so many applicants they are unable to get back to each individually to notify of a rejection. So, is calling a second time helping show my passion for this job? Or is it just making me appear annoying?

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They may not have the time to make individual calls to those not selected, but I promise if you were selected you would get a call. They clearly said they have your info and will call if interested. No, I wouldn't call again. You won't come off as passionate, but as a nag. Sorry. :(


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I probably wouldn't call again regarding that position.

I would sign up for job alerts at that hospital that match your qualifications though, and apply to everything there you can that you qualify for.

Good luck!!

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If they took the position down, there isn't a job to be filled- passionate or not. Calling about this job is pointless now, but there could have been a lot of reasons someone else was selected. Continue to apply for new positions at this hospital, and others. Sometimes it's necessary to get experience in a less-than-ideal facility in order to get your dream job.


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Agree. Keep watch for another position then apply and call again.