Should I become a PT or CNA as a new HS grad?


Hello all,

I was wondering what would be the better option between becoming a Phlebotomy Technician or CNA? Which career option would increase my chances of getting hired as a new grad RN? I plan on working summers as either when on break from nursing school because I want to get into the field a lot sooner and get the experience.

I'm also a new HS grad and never in my life had a job before, however, I do have an upcoming orientation on July 13 at an hospital I plan on volunteering at weekly to get more experience on my blank resume.

All responses are welcomed.


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CNA would provide you with more patient contact and give you an opportunity to develop basic nursing skills, like how to move patients, skin care, vital signs, etc. Some hospitals allow their CNAs to perform minor procedures like catheterization, drawing blood, etc.

It would give you an opportunity to get your foot in the door, so come graduation time, you may have a leg up on the other people looking for jobs.


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CNA is cheaper and quicker. I don't know if its different in your state but in mass the PT program is very long. I do not recommend taking a program that lasts months to make only 15$ hourly. However, being a CNA is far harder. It is very physical and you will be putting your body at risk. In both positions, you are potentially exposing yourself to disease. I would recommend trying to get a job as an activities assistant. You will be in a health care setting, you will get experience with patients, and it will look good on a resume for future jobs/schools.