Should I apply for a job with my company's staffing agency if I need extra hours?


I work as a nursing assistant and I absolutely love my job. I'm really busy 3 days a week, on 12h shifts, but I feel that I get a lot out of it. And my company's really great, too, and I genuinely like my co-workers.

The only thing is that this job is 3 days a week. That still leaves 4 days of the week where I'm not making any income, and I'd like to work some extra hours to fill in the gaps. Plus, it'd be a big help in paying off student loans, too.

My hospital system has a staffing agency, and I've heard of RNs and assistants who work Full-Time at one hospital but also get PRN hours at the staffing agency. That sounds so appealing to me.

But I'm worried about what the company would think if I applied for such a position as an internal candidate. Would it adversely affect the full-time job that I have now? I'm looking for more work, but not at the risk of losing my current job. What should I do?