Should you consider being a CRNA if you don't like chemistry?

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I am a nursing student working on BSN right now. I first got my hands on anesthesia when I was working at an animal hospital and we did multiple neuter/spay surgeries a day. I was in charge of calculating and administering anesthesia (with veterinarian present at all times). That's when I thought it'd be interesting to do it as a permanent career and to do in on people instead of dogs and cats. I obviously don't know what it's like to do it on human but I feel like I'd enjoy the career a lot. My concern is that I don't enjoy chemistry too much. I have taken general and some organic chem. I got decent grades but I am not excellent at it or even enjoy it too much. On the other hand, I am very good at math and calculating drugs. I wonder if my "unenthusiastic" view on chemistry is definitely going to hinder my journey to become a CRNA. Are the courses during CRNA school intensively chemistry oriented? If I can get through it during school (even if I don't enjoy it too much), do you think I'd be ok during the actual practice? It is something I definitely want to pursue but I also don't want to do something I potentially might not enjoy. Thanks a lot for reading

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Who likes chemistry? I bet the majority of people in CRNA school are not huge fans of chemistry. If you are enthusiastic about finishing a CRNA program, then I am sure you would be fine.

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