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Maybe someone from the Columbus area, or familiar with Columbus, can help me with some info. A few of us are wanting to hit the shopping centers and want to check out the mall(s). If we are coming from the Englewood area (and I assume it is easier to come by way of I-70?), where are the hot spots? If I could get info on a large mall, that would make me happy. Thanks!


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Hey there! I live in the Englewood area too! :)

Anyway...there are a few good malls. One is downtown, but I don't know exactly where it is.

Tuttle Crossing Mall is nice. Take I-70 east to 270 & go north. You can't miss it. There are signs when you approach the exit that say Tuttle Crossing. The mall is to the right (east) of the highway.

Easton Center is awesome. Take 270 north & you'll loop around Columbus. It's past the I-71 exit by a few exits (I forget how many). There are sign to look out shouldn't have too much trouble finding it. You'll get off the highway, turn right & it'll practically be right in front of you. Just follow the signs & you'll be fine. :)

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Easton is my favorite place but it is all outside so dress warm or wait for warm weather. Tuttle is my favorite indoor mall, has all the normal stores. Polaris Fashion Place has more upscale stores and unique shops. It is off I-71 north (north of the I-270 loop), take the Polaris Parkway exit (exit 121) and turn left it will be on the right.


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Most of Easton is outdoors, but there are some stores in the main "mall" area attached to the parking garage. Granted, not a large percentage. If you go soon & it's a nice sunny day, it's not too bad. Just don't go when it's cloudy & frigid! :D


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City Center Mall...that's the one I was thinking of that's downtown. You can get directions thru their website. :)

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