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Are there any good support shoes (not Crocs, don't want to break an ankle) that are NOT mesh on top (perhaps leather?)

I worry about body fluids going through the mesh. Also the mesh tops seem to tear up quickly-mostly from using the bed control breaks with the top of my shoe.

Specializes in NICU.

I stopped mesh top shoes,I needed very good support as I had foot issues,my foot Dr reco new balance but you must read carefully and buy from a new balance store,the knock-offs look  good but you will have trouble walking in them.If you are a pronator look for support for that problem,

as a nurse it is a good idea to have  orthotics  with full lenght sportthotics  style ,use a  full leather shoe, easy spirit breaks down too easily, too comfy and next thing you are suffering from plantar faciitis or other things,not fun when you are on your feet for those 12 plus hours on concrete floors.

Some co workers are happy  with dansko slip on,or allegra carefully ask questions ,a good pair will cost 100+ but  your knees,hips and back will thank you.

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