Shoes that won't kill my feet....


Alright fellow nursing students/nurses... I need opinions on nursing shoes. I tried several pairs as a CNA and wasted a lot of money to inevitably have foot pain, so I need some help! I've heard awesome things about Danskos but they seem tight when I try them on, even though the people at the walking store say that's how they're supposed to fit (I've already gone up a size and that didn't seem to help too much.) Does anyone know of a place that will let you return Danskos if you're unhappy with them? I'm willing to pay the money for good shoes, because I've already been exposed to how bad shoes can make your job a lot harder. Opinions?

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After reading reviews, maybe a better question is where can I get fitted for nursing shoes? I'm not sure if I have high or low arches and it seems like preference varies quite a bit based on foot shape.

I have recently shopped at a company called "The Walking Company" Pretty sure they are a chain so there might be one around you. They did a total evaluation on my feet and walking. For free. I walked out of there in my first pair of Danskos. I like them so far. Still breaking them in. I only wear them for half of my shift (12 hours). They took like 30 dollars off the price too. Still expensive but it helped.


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I'm seconding the Walking Company suggestion! That's where I got mine. They made me stand and walk on this smart screen thing that analyzed my walking and stance, then they emailed me the results! Kind of like the Dr. Scholls booth thing, but more high tech. And they actually had the cheapest price on danskos I could find! The sales people let me try on what felt like a million pairs before I chose one, and I was able to walk around in each of them in store which was really helpful in deciding.