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SHOCK TRAUMA TRU Nurse Manager info???


I wanted to know if anyone knew the nurse manager at Shock Trauma's TRU contact information?? His name is listed on the website but there is no link to his email address.

I currently work at Christiana ED, Level 1 Trauma Center in DE for about a year now and wanted to contact the STC TRU nurse manager to get info on the requirements to working there someday.

I know that I don't have enough experience right now but it is a goal of mine to someday work there. I see alot of trauma where I presently work due to the extremely close proximity to I95 and Wilmington but I would like to eventually work at STC TRU. I also plan on taking the CEN and ATCN in the next year or so and I'm working on going back for my BSN or possibly RN to MSN. I presently have BLS, ACLS, PALS, and TNCC certs which most RN's in trauma centers have.

If anyone has any information(email, phone #, etc) of the nurse manager at STC TRU or any other way of contacting human resources, I'd greatly apprectiate it.


hELLO.... i DON'T have much info for you... but I do know that the TRU wants approx. 2 year level ll trauma experience... Or ICU experience. YOu might want to consider that avenue. I worked with a nurse that worked @ Shock Trauma/ multi trauma unit for 8 years. She had to leave for $$$ reasons and to do agency... (big bucks).. She said that the Multi trauma unit was bar none awesome and NO Where that she has worked in ICU or ED held a candle to it... Just something to consider... good luck to you and I hope that it all falls into place for you... take care..... dawn from MD.

Thanks for the reply. It seems impossible to find this guys email or phone number.

The Multi Trauma Unit would definately be the unit I'd want to work on if I were doing ICU but I tried working in an ICU and though it was a great learning experience, I just always wanted to work in a trauma ED.

The reason I want to work in TRU is because I like working with trauma's. I like the ED aspect of working with trauma's, like when they first come in and unstable and you're still trying to figure out whats going on.

Very frequently where I work we take care of trauma pts in the ED for hours until they get an ICU bed and we're doing the same job as an ICU nurse. I really love taking care of critical pts post-trauma in the ED and even though I like taking care of them as they would in the ICU, I wouldn't want to take care of the same pts for days and days.

I also think ED experience from a level 1 trauma center would be more suited as a prerequisite to working in the TRU because ICU nurses aren't used to taking care of the pts when they first arrive and everything is a shitstorm and hectic. That's not to say ICU nurses aren't capable or don't deal with crazy unexpected issues but I think that ED nurses are more equipped to deal with a trauma pt that has just rolled in the trauma bay by the medics. There are occassions when SICU or MICU nurses are pulled to the ED, not very often but it does happen and they always say that they don't understand how ED nurses take care of trauma's because everything is not as organized as they're used to and everything is a mess, etc.

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

zahryia, LPN

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If you know this person's name, why don't you call University's general information line and ask to be connected?


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I work at ummc tonite so I will look up the info for you and post it on here!

zahryia I may do that if I can't find an email. I'd rather email him for now since I'm not going to be applying for another 2 years or so.

ujones00 Thank you, I'd really appreciate it if you could find an email or # for me. Thanks.


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Ok her name is Theresa Dinarrdo and her email address is tdinarrdo@umm.edu:up:

Thanks for the info.

I just found this on the website:

Terry DiNarrdo, R.N., M.S.N., C.C.R.N.

Nurse Manager, 6th Shock Trauma Acute Care and Intermediate Care Units


Mike Knapp, R.N., M.S.N., C.N.A., B.C.

Nurse Manager, Trauma Resuscitation Unit

But the page was last updated on July 31, 2007 so things could have changed in over a year since.

Either way, I'm going to email her to see what happens. The worst that can happen if she isn't the TRU nurse manager is she can give me TRU nm's email.

Thankyou for looking. I appreciate it.

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