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Shift work information needed for LPN

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by mmarquis mmarquis (New) New

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Hi Everyone,

I have so many questions which I hope someone can help me with because I have not been able to find an LPN I can talk to that can answer all these. I live in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada and I am going to do my LPN. I am right now on the wait list - it is so long though (2 years). The questions I have are (they all relate to either LTC facilities or hospitals:

When you first graduate what kind of shifts (time of day ex: night shift, day shift, etc) do you get?

How many a week can I expect? (I notice most jobs say casual, part time, or on call)

How long does it take to achieve full time employment?

Also what is beginning pay like?

I appreciate all your help. Thanks so much.:)

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Hi mmarquis. When I graduated a few years ago I immediately got a position in the LTC facility where I'd done my clinicals. I was required to work all shifts. At that place, the shifts were 12 hours and (if I remember correctly) I worked something like 72 hours (6 shifts) per 2 week pay period. I wasn't crazy about the 12 hour shifts so I didn't stay there long.

I was immediately able to get a position at a local hospital on a temporary part-time basis. My scheduled shifts were Sat. & Sun. 3-11pm every second weekend but I also worked there on a casual basis and they were always calling me in for extra shifts because the hospital was always short-staffed. I know that many of my classmates got part-time or casual positions and like me were always being called in to work extra shifts, especially in the bigger hospitals.

The hospital where I worked was always posting available job positions (some full-time) but the positions were given in order of seniority of the applicants. If it was for a really undesirable shift then there were less people applying so of course, less competition. In my experience, you had to put in some time working casual/part-time before you got a permanent full-time position, but depending on where you work, you may be able to get full-time hours just by working casual. It may be easier to get a full-time spot in LTC, I'm not really sure.

As for wages, I can't remember exactly but I believe I was making about 14.25/hr at the LTC place and 14.50 in the hospital. This was about 4-5 yrs. ago when I was in Alberta. The hospital job was union so I got $1.25 shift differential for working shifts between 3pm and 7am and if I worked shifts between 3pm Friday and 7am Monday I got another $1.50 on top of that. I eventually went to a clinic where I worked full-time days, no weekends, but the pay was only $12/hr. have you checked out Canada's Human Resources Job Bank or Workopolis.com ? I have noticed that many times wages are listed for various positions.

Sorry this post is so long. I'm sure others will have even more info for you. Take care. :)

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Paprikat specializes in Geriatrics.

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Hey, I live in Coquitlam, B.C. :)

To answer, I have worked in LTC for 7 years. Casual was first. I worked whatever I wanted. My pager was nuts. You have to give availability. I worked for 2 places. I got full time for another home 6 months later and am still there. LPN's work only days and eves in myplace, although when I was casual, I worked nights, too. My pay has significantly dropped 11% (thanks to Gordon Campbell and HEU). I make around 22.40. I USED to make 23.93.

The waiting list for VCC is so LONG!!! Wow, 2 years. Private places are soooo expensive! Anyways, any other questions, email me



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Ditto to Paprikat. I am and LPN on Vancouver Island. I worked on call for the first 4 years after I graduated as an LPN, that way I got a really good grounding in all types of nursing, from pediatric, to med-surg, palliative, ECU, even psych. I enjoy all shifts, so worked them all. For me, evenings and nights were best, as I had a bit more time to learn from the regular staff nurses, plus the pace was a little more manageable at first than doing dayshifts. There were a few slower periods working on call, such as Sept - Oct, and Jan - Feb, but I usually averaged 50 or more hours biweekly, usually more. Sometimes up to 90 hours. Its really a choice...you can enjoy a variety by staying on call, or you can have the security of a schedule, benefits, etc. and take a permanent or temporary position. Unfortunately, I have 14 years seniority, and still don't have enough to get a permanent LPN position in the hospital system I work in. (All LPN's were laid off about 8 years ago, only 15% were hired back as LPN's the rest of us have to work as aids.) I take all the LPN vacations and temporary positions I can get to keep my skills and license current. We won't go into Mr. Campbell's politics thank you. Oh, being on call also gives you the chance to try other fields of nursing and see which one you like best....

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I am just wondering what the differences are for an LPN working in a residential care home operated by a Health Authority - compared with a residential care home operated by a private company in BC.

Are the wages different?

What about the benefits package?

Are the private operators unionized?

Is there a difference in the working environment or the quality of care?


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Fiona59 has 18 years experience.

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Hi, I relocated from Alberta. I'm still trying to get my license sorted out. Three months and counting.

I believed CLPNBC about there being work out here. So far no luck.

Even though you took a cut back (sorry Paprikat) you are still making way more than I did in Alberta. Our top rate (5yrs exp. roughly) was $18/hr. Shift diff was $1.75 for evenings and $1.75 for weekends. So obviously you wanted to work weekend evenings for the double dip!!

I just wonder where the work is for people doing Sprott Shaw, Discovery College and all the other care aide bridge to LPN programs is!!

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