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Our shift to shift reporting is not working - it takes a long time and messages don't seem to get passed. Does anyone have a reporting system that works well?

CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

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What system are you using now? What we have is a 24hr report sheet. All pertinant info should be on it and all shifts are responsible to read it. What we do is each nurse gives verbal report to the next nurse. Takes 10-15 minutes. I have 26 pts. And what I do is go room by room and give report. Even just mentioning Mrs. Jones, nothing..... I put everything on the report sheet that the next shift needs to pass on, maybe too much info, but only working weekends I'd rather be safe then sorry. I'd love to here what everyone else is doing...


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We have a 24hr report sheet also, that sheet has saved my butt at times because if it is written on the sheet then no one can say I didn't pass it along! Usually takes 15 min or so on 30-35 pts.

CoffeeRTC, BSN, RN

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ohh I just love it when someone says"But no one told me.." Meanwhile I even highlighted it on the 24 hr report sheet. I always hand the 24 hr report sheet to the next nurse after I'm done giving report from it. I put anything abnormal on it like I said maybe too much, but at least it is documented and quick and easy for the next nurse to review.


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Every place that I work at, being an agency nurse, uses the 24 hour report sheet. It's a necessary back up to the verbal reports I get.


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We use the 24 hour report sheet as well, however many times it goes uncompleted or missplaced. We also have a follow up board.


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We also have a 24 hour report. But at the facility where I work, thereis a large book calender at the station where we put things like... a new lab or if a resident is going to LOA for a time. We have a 3rd and 4th nurse whose main job is to do wounds and call Dr.s and the like. I have found that these nurses don't always see the 24 hour report, so it is wise to write down important info on this calendar. This way it is written down twice and the calendar stays in one place the year round, so if a question arises,(I didn't see that), you can turn to the date quickly to verify the info.

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