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Sheridan practical nursing 2020 Summer/fall

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by victoriam14 victoriam14 (New) New Student

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Hey everyone! 

I currently got into Sheridan (PN program) for the Spring/Summer entry as well as the fall entry. I'm struggling to make a choice as I am finishing up pre-health at George Brown and would be going straight into school again if I accept the Spring/Summer entry. I would also lose out on any other acceptances (that's if I'm accepted anywhere else) I applied to George brown, mohawk and centennial. My issue is I only have 5 days to accept my Spring/Summer offer to Sheridan and I don’t know if I'm rushing it - I just really like the chance at finishing the program quicker.

Can anyone give me some insight on going through school throughout the Summer? As well if there are any major differences between starting earlier vs starting in the fall?

Also were you able to balance school and working part time? 

Any input is appreciated!!

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