Sheridan College, Humber College or George Brown!!!


Good evening everyone!

I know "easy" is not ideal; but, I unfortunately really, really, REALLY struggle with math. My dream has always been to be a nurse in paediatrics at SickKids. I did not really focus on math and science in high schooling am really beating myself up about it.

I have seen that the three colleges offer pre-health programs in order to prepare you for your PN program. I am hoping to find out which college has an easier program for someone who struggles in math.

If math is going to be too hard I will be going down the path of Early Childhood Education.

Hope to hear some feedback.

Thank you greatly in advance.


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Math in all the nursing programs will be pretty much the same. Generally it isn't that hard, mostly the simple form of algebra like find 'x'. There are a little bit more complicated questions but as long you got the foundations down, it should be a breeze. The questions you get are the questions where the more you practice, the better you get at it.