shepard college students

Nursing Students LPN-RN


is anyone currently enrolled in this school. please reply back I want some insight about this school and it's course work. thank you

Did you mean Shepherd University in LA?

yes sorry

What do you want to know about? I am working on LVN to RN Program and one of my church friends, he just started Generic rn program. I am ok with coursework but he said he goes a bed after 12 so it does not sound program goes easy.

yeah I don't expect any RN program to be very easy. I wanted to know what pre-reqs are you taking or you have taken that Sheperd said they would accept . thank you

I am taking health assessment class. All science courses I've taken were transferred. The school said only 2010 they are willing to accept the courses already taken but they don't know 2011 so you need to figure it out.

yeah I doubt I can make it once 2011 hits. I graduated in another field with no science coures. just math, english, and currently taking a political science class.I'll check though. TY

You can take some science courses online so it saves your time. check it through!

yes mam I wills. Community Colleges are so packed. I am currently taking my class at high school.

I guess all science courses have to a college-level. You'd better ask first. I see a lot of students on the campus these days and shepherd has a really nice skills lab with hard floor. I love the floor!!:D

OoOo well I'll KIT with you to see how everything is going b/c I will most likely be attending there soon

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