Shenandoah University ABSN 2023

U.S.A. Virginia


Hi guys!

I was just wondering if anyone has heard back from Shenandoah University's ABSN program for the upcoming 2023 school year? I applied in late December and have yet to hear anything from them. Would love to connect with anyone else who's planning on starting their ABSN this year!

hey! I applied back in November and got an acceptance probably first week of December to start Fall 2023. SU is not my #1 choice but definitely happy to get in .

Hi, I was just accepted into the northern VA fall 2023 entry. Anyone else?

nursetobe12345 said:

Hi, I was just accepted into the northern VA fall 2023 entry. Anyone else?

I was accepted. Not my first pick though but happy I got in. Have you applied to other schools? 


I haven't heard much aboit the program. Mixed reviews about it. 

I was just accepted into the program! Still waiting to hear back from other schools but I'm definitely relieved to have a spot secured.

I'm accepted and planning on going to Nova campus 2023...if anyone wants to connect I'd love too!! 

Hi all! I will be in the ABSN program at the NOVA campus starting fall 2023. I did not see a facebook group and I would love to start connecting with our class! I made a group yesterday, please join! ?

Hi Hannah, I sent you a message on facebook regarding the program. It might have went to your junk messages. I am looking to get information on the program as there doesn't seem to be many reviews online as you guys may know. Please let me know. 


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