Shenandoah ABSN Fall 2017

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I was just accepted into Shenandoah's Fall 2017 Accelerated Nursing program and just wanted to reach out and see if anyone else was going there this fall?

Hi! I've also been admitted to the Fall '17 ABSN program at Shenandoah. I'm still applying to other schools, though & right now Shenandoah is my back-up, due to their price (expensive), location (I live closer to the Beltway) & rather rigid scheduling.

My first choice is the concurrent ASN/RN-BSN at NVCC/ODU, although I won't know if I've been admitted to NVCC until late May. I'm also considering Marymount, since it's more easily accessible via public transportation & they seem to have more flexibility in scheduling classes.

Awesome! Good luck to you - hopefully you get into all of them so you have options!

Options are always good. Shenandoah seems like they have a strong program (I've met several graduates who all found jobs right away), so I think I would be happy there, too. Are you applying to any other nursing schools?

Also, did you apply for any scholarships at Shenandoah? They mentioned something about a GPA based scholarship, but I am waiting to hear back from them about it. A scholarship offer would make me more likely to choose them over another private school.

I didn't apply for any other programs - Shenandoah is the best option for me. I got some sort of transfer scholarship but am going to fill out my fasfa soon and potentially apply for other scholarships if they exist.

Hi Everyone!

I was accepted as well. Actually for the Spring but I deferred till this fall. Is there like a group for our cohort? :) Are you all going to the Leesburg or the Winchester Campus?

Congrats! I haven't heard of any group but would love to meet everyone in our cohort. I will be at the leesburg campus :)

I just got accepted today to the Leesburg program, it's my second choice, but still waiting to hear back from GMU. Are any of you guys planning on attending this fall?

Hi! I will be attending this fall, just put down my deposit today for Leesburg, do you know anyone else who will be attending?

I just put down my deposit, too, but I won't make my final decision about attending until late May or early June, when I've heard from my other two schools (Marymount, NVCC).

Due to a transcript issue I won't hear from Marymount until June, but I should know about NVCC (first choice) by the end of May.

If I go to Shenandoah, I'll be at the Leesburg campus.

Hey everyone! I was also accepted to SU's ABSN program for Fall 2017. I will be attending the Leesburg campus and am currently looking for a roommate. I'm still awaiting two other decisions, but it's highly likely that I will attend in the Fall. Are there any groups formed on facebook for our cohort so we can connect?

I haven't found a Facebook group yet, unfortunately I live in Woodbridge so it's a pretty long commute for me so I wouldn't subject anyone else to that commute, but I know the leesburg/ashburn area pretty well as I currently work in leesburg if you need suggestions.

Maybe one of us can create a Facebook group?

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