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Shelton State PN Spring


Anyone applied to the PN Program?

I have! I am so nervous waiting for the acceptance letters to come out!

Good luck. Letters are coming out this week. How many points did you have?

I had 156 I think which scares me because that is low but I talked with an advisor and she said I had a pretty good shot at it, so I really hope so. How many points did you have? And how did you find about the letters coming out? Ive been asking everyone and they didn't know lol

120 something. I stopped by and asked her. Yea you have a HIGHER chance of getting in than I do.

Well you still have a chance with that score! What did the advisor tell you when you talked with her?

I just only asked her about the letters. Do you know if a lot of people applied?

I actually haven't heard about how many applied but I know I talked with an advisor and she said this was the best time to apply since there are usually fewer applicants for the spring semester

Yea I was told the same thing. The day of the teas test she said she only had about 20 applicants buy that was closer to the beginning of October.

Oh wow! that is still low! hopefully not too many applied and our chances are greater at getting in. What did you make on your TEAS?

62.3 or 62.7 something like that.

Who did you ask about when letters are coming out?

I can't post her name on here but she is the lady we give out applications to. She said that they will have a meeting on Tuesday, OCT. 14th, and right after that the letters will be going out.

OK. I spoke with someone via email and was told 2 weeks or less

Letters are out already????

Yea! She said that letters were coming out after they had their meeting which was on Tuesday!