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Hello all,

I am a LPN student, I am also a CNA I have worked as a CNA for 2yrs now at LTC facility 3rd shift since I have been in LPN school I have had to cut back on hrs at work I work midnights, I was wondering do any of you have any insight as to what a CNA. Will do in a homehealth setting, and how are the hrs scheduled, I need more hrs at work but having to work an entire 8hr shift is not do-able at this point in my life any insight provided will be of great help.....thanks...


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Most agencies do 12 hr shifts for 24/7 care patients..some have sporadic hours. I love it usually..really easy and laid back...easy to study. I sleep at night and listen for them needing help through a baby monitor. during the day you do normal daily activities...bathing, dressing, vitals maybe, cooking, light cleaning...just dont let the family or your boss take advantage of you and make you do things that arent in youre job description...and they will try