Shasta College Waitlist

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So what has the waitlist been like? I am going to apply the next application period but hope to find another competitive school to go to before my wait is up! How many years does it take once completing the application/


I applied last year and get an email about twice a year updating me on my current number on the list. So far it seems that every semester they are taking about 60 students.

Hi Charlie! Good to hear I'm not the only person from Rding on here!

Do they really take sixty students each year? That is a huge cohort for such a small college! I'm applying this September and hope to start by 2014 and will be working as a CNA in the meantime. I'm considering taking the EMT program at Shasta sometime in the next two years just for ***** and giggles. Did you do your pre reqs at Shasta?

I applied last September and am number 208 on wait list as of this semester....Thinking of applying to COR but not sure what there waitlist is like.

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I just submitted the waitlist application on September 2017 so if the waitlist is 2 years long, I am guessing, I'll be in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. Damn! I hope I could get in the program at LATTC, LA, CA in the fall 2018.

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