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I am in the process of getting the ball rolling on shared governance for a small, rural hospital I am working in. There are several common threats to participation that I have seen throughout these blogs. One of which lies in scheduling conflicts, and difficulty finding meeting times that promote the highest volume of participants. I was thinking that establishing some sort of private, online forum would allow for members to toss around unit development ideas whenever it is convenient for them. Email seems to be washed up. I think we all tend to avoid our work email as long as we can. However, if there were some sort of communication forum that is established solely for the discussion of shared governance...maybe nurses would be more inclined to participate? My concern is confidentiality. I am not sure what platform to use for this, and I am not sure if legally it can even be done. Any thoughts?

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We ran this past our legal department when we wanted something like a blog. No go, nothing is private on the internet. We now tell people that email is expected to be checked.

We we also established a day each month for our Senate to meet, each unit has one rep that goes. Each unit has a practice council Which meets monthly or every other month. We post minutes for all of these on our Intranet so everyone has access to them.

The way tone is commonly misinterpreted or portrayed, I wouldn't want to participate.