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shaky hands

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After my second year trying i finally got into nursing school and can not be more excited!! Being in the first semester of a four year program, i'm only doing in class stuff right now and practicum for me starts next year. But i was talking to a few nursing students in their third and fourth years who said they have seen so many people fail their hospital assessments (they just mostly said they weren't right for the job, not assertive enough, made too many mistakes). Now me and some of my family and friends have noticed that i can of have shaky hands sometimes when doing certain tasks (i've had that since as long as i could remember). I've never considered that it could be a problem until now. Does anyone else have this problem/ had this problem? have you seen someone fail/ get fired because of it? I really hope not because I am so excited to become a nurse! Any suggestion, maybe techniques to deal with anxiety? Is anxiety what causes it?


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I have a benign essential tremor, I was worried before I started school and if I had shaky hands I would let the person know that this was not because I was nervous.

I wish I had some advice for you; I've had shaky hands my entire life. I've gotten to the point where I get incredibly anxious when performing tasks because I know my hands will shake, which of course makes them shake more :(