I will be starting my pre-requisites in Spring 2009. I just have 3 classes to take and then I will apply to an accelerated BSN program. Until I apply, I want to volunteer. I plan on volunteering at 2 different hospitals, once a week each.

But what I'm wondering about is shadowing as well. In order to do this, what needs to be done to set this up? Is there a program you take to do this or do you just ask someone? Any information on nurse shadowing would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I set up my shadowing/volunteering through networking. I knew an NP, so I started to ask questions about what she did and what her practice was like and she ended up asking if I was looking for a volunteer position ;) Often though, hospital volunteer programs geared towards students offer a shadowing component to them, at least at the big hospitals in my area. So when setting up volunteering and ask if there is someone who wouldn't mind letting you shadow for a couple hours each time you volunteer.

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